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                       “Cruisin’ the Chisholm Trail” 2013 Burnout

                                                2014 Burnout Contest
                                               Trophies for 1st and 2nd place
                           Competition held at 7:30pm Friday April 19th,   803 W. Walnut
                Check in 15 minutes early at burnout site for instructions and inspection

Entry fee $15 per competition, includes 2 twenty second burnouts.  Paid Amount: _______

Name:  ___________________________

Address: __________________________

City: _______________ State: _______ Zip: __________

Entrant Signature: _______________________________

Driver’s License Number:  _____________________ State:  ______

Signature of a Parent/Guardian, required if entrant under 18 years of age: _______________________

All entrants must have valid driver’s license, vehicle tires must pass inspection, vehicles and drivers
approval at Burn Out director’s discretion.  

                                                 Disclaimer/Responsibilities Waiver

The Cruisin the Chisholm Trail Burnout contest is open to all makes and models.  In consideration of the
acceptance of the right to participate, entrants, participants, and spectators, by the execution of this
entry form, release and discharge Main Street Duncan, The City of Duncan, Freedom Biker Church or
anyone associated with the Cruisin the Chisholm Trial car show and burnout contest of and from any and
all known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments, and /or claims from any cause whatsoever
that may be suffered by the entrants to his/her property.  Further, each entrant expressly agrees to
indemnify all of the foregoing entries, firms, persons, bodies, and sponsors of and from all liability
occasioned or resulting from the conduct of entrants or any participant assisting or cooperating with
entrant under the direction or control of entrant.

Main Street Duncan and The Cruisin the Chisholm Trail burnout committee reserves the right to restrict
entrants to acceptable behavior during all activities.  Entrants are subject to eviction from the premises if
behavior is deemed unsafe, reckless or objectionable by event management.  In the event of eviction, no
refund shall be given.

This form must be signed and presented at burnout contest site.  No form ….No burnout.
Burnout Registration